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Welcome to Mobile Grooming Las Vegas. Having a pet in your home can make life pleasant. And when that pet is a dog, you have a true friend and the experience is more satisfying. In ancient time, dogs were used for more versatile purposes like hunting and protecting humans from wild animals. However, in our modern world, dogs have become a household pet that protects the home and creates a friendly environment. This canine creatures are very playful but can’t take care of themselves. If you have a dog as a pet, you need to take proper care of it.

There are a lot of products online and at the local pet store that promises to offer all the necessities for your dog’s health. However, if you are a dog owner, grooming and nail trimming and regularly is something you can’t ignore. Proper grooming is an excellent way to keep your dog healthy as well as maintaining a good mental condition for your dog. A well-groomed dog always seems happier than others.

Do you consider dog grooming seem like just a choice due to your busy schedules? Is yes, you need to rethink now. Mobile Grooming Las Vegas is among the most effective way of showing how much you care for your dog.

Although the coat of your dog looks in a good shape, it is still necessary for you to other grooming needs. Take note that dog grooming is not just all about quickly swiping with a brush. It is more of looking after the skin, clean the teeths, nails, ears, eyes, and coat of your dog.


So, why is dog grooming really important?

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Nice Appearance

One of the best ways you can do to make your dog look nice is by performing regular grooming. People and kids will not be afraid of your dog since he or she looks well-cared for with beautiful hairstyle. That way, more people are likely to interact or play with your dog and provide him or her an opportunity to socialize.

Effective Health Check

When brushing your dog, you can take this as an opportunity to look for any suspicious lumps or bumps hidden in the coat. Besides, you may also find any mats that can cause him or her pain. While trimming the nails, you can check whether there is something caught in the paw pads. As for cleaning the teeth, you may find some indications of a health problem such as bad breath and bleeding or sore gums. Our team at Mobile Grooming Vegas always checks the coat of your dog for any health problems.

Cleanliness in the Living Space

If you are concern about the cleanliness and sanitation of your living space, it always a nice idea to regularly groom your dog. The more you comb or brush the coat of your dog, the less hair will be around your home. Besides, you can also reduce the dander, making it more comfortable for you to breath. No need for you to get stressed every time you have to wash your rugs and curtains and clean the couches and other furniture.

Our mobile grooming vans are equipped with everything we need to do our job efficiently and safely.

Mobile Dog Grooming Van Las Vegas

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Perfect Bonding Time

Due to your busy working schedules and important commitments at home, you may have less time for your dog. The best time you can do is to consider grooming as your perfect bonding time. Not only that, but dog grooming can also reduce your stress. Why not? Seeing your dog happy and satisfied with the bathing, brushing, and clipping really make sense and already a huge thing.

Personalized attention

Every pet loves personalized attention. Only a professional grooming team can deliver such kind of benefit. At the pet parlor, there are many dogs to be taken care of at the same time. There are also work that needs to be conducted during the grooming session. So, there may not be enough personal attention given to your pet. At Mobile Grooming Las Vegas we always work with one pet at the time so your dog will get all the attention it deserves.


In the world we live in, everyone seeks for maximum comfort. Taking your dog in your car to a land-based grooming parlor is certainly not going to be convenient for you. If your dog refuses to get in the car, then you’d have more challenges. If you have such dogs, then the more convenient option is to allow the pet to undergo the grooming session right at the comfort of your home. This will help you avoid the inconveniences of driving your dog to the next dog, parlor. The side advantage of this is since your dog will be groomed and washed in a familiar environment; the pet will not show any denial signs. This will enable the dog groomers to conduct their work in a safe setting.


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The advantages you get from grooming your dog goes far beyond making your dog look beautiful. Grooming improves the state of mind of the dog. Dogs that really feel happier and better, predictable, generally act friendly and energetic are groomed dogs.

Never take dog grooming for granted. Even short hair dogs need grooming. It will not only ensure that health of your dog but also make him or her feel your care and love. Apart from that, grooming can be a fun-filled activity for both of you. So, always make sure that your dog is groomed regularly. In case you have less idea or time in properly grooming your dog, you can consider the services of mobile grooming. That way, there is no need for you to leave your property while ensuring that your dog will get the necessary care and attention and remain comfortable and relaxed.

We are professional groomers who have experience with different dogs, so you have nothing to be afraid of when you entrust your pet to them. If you care for your dog and want the best care given, call us and schedule your mobile grooming service to take care of it. You will be happy you did.

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A Closer Look to Your Dog’s Health – Dog Grooming Tips

white dog after groomingAs mentioned above, grooming can help you spot any possible health problems of your dog. When grooming your dog, it is important for you to quickly point infections or diseases, know how to deal with their health needs, and understand a need for taking a break. You can consider the following dog grooming tips to help take care of your dog more effectively.

Take Full Inspection

Do not rush into the grooming session. Meaning, before getting the scissors, brush, and preparing your dog for a bath, you need to perform a full inspection. By doing so, you can figure out whether there are a potential ear or eye infection, existing skin condition, changes in temperament, or dental issues. If you found no issue about your dog’ health, you can then proceed to the grooming session.

However, if you notice any issues, it is necessary for you to visit a vet as soon as possible to give your dog the right treatment. If your dog has an existing skin condition, you need to take extra care when grooming him or her because you can aggravate the skin problem.

Consider Proper Diet

Did you know that there is a correlation between the diet of your dog and the coat condition? Your dog’s coat serves as the major indicator of his diet as well as overall health. So, it is very easy to determine whether your dog is being fed with nutrient-packed foods or those foods that are less nutritious.

Be aware that homemade diets or low-quality commercial foods do not offer the right balance. As a result, the coat of your dog can be dull, or the skin can be easily irritated. The best thing you can do is to feed him or her with food that is rich in vitamins, protein, fat, and omega-6. Then, you can give him or her healthy foods like coconut oil and eggs.

Know the Perfect Time for Your Dog to Rest

Some dogs are energetic, while some others are shy. But when you groom them, you can notice that they are all happy. That is because they can feel how much you care for them.

However, you need also to be aware that dog grooming can be a strenuous activity for your dog, especially if he or she is already aging, sick, or injured. So, you need to spot the signs of fatigue and age and provide your dog with the necessary care.

If your dog slowed down age, you could start the grooming session from his or her belly. Then, you can work way up so that your dog mat sit or lie down while grooming. If your dog is not feeling well or may have a small injury or stiff legs, you need to be more mindful and cautious of the signs that he or she is not comfortable with the grooming or requires a rest. For more information contact our specialist. We will be happy to answer all your questions.