Dog Brushing

Dogs are always doing something to keep their coat clean, but they also need your help with this task, such as by brushing.

Regular brushing of the dog’s hair will remove excess hair from your dog’s coat and also help distribute natural oil to your dog’s coat and skin.

Brushing and washing your pet is a great way to check the health of the dog’s coat. You can check formatted and tangled hair, dry and oily skin, and also fleas and mats.

To brush your dog coat, you need to understand your dog’s skin, the type of brush for a dog coat, and how often they need a brush.


Mobile Brushing Grooming ServiceHow to brush dog hair?
Some general rules for brushing are:

Always brush the dog’s fur down and out. Brush in the direction of coat growth because dogs don’t like brushing back.

Brush your dog’s hair gently so that the dog’s hair is not damaged by pulling and straightening the hair. Detangle the hair if the comb got stuck in them.

If there are mats in the coat, apply conditioner and leave it on for a while. After that, use a wide-toothed comb or mat splitting tool to get through the tangle. The mats are present near the dog’s skin, making them painful to remove.

Equipment for brushing
Different types of brushes are used for different coats of dogs.

Bristle brush 
Bristle brushes are one of the standard brushes and can be used for any coat. If the dog has long hair, use a brush with longer bristles. For dogs with a shorter coat, choose the brush with shorter bristles.

If the dog has soft fur, use a soft-bristled brush. Change your brush according to the dog’s hair.

Wire-pin brush
The wire brush is used for long curly coats. These brushes are available with or without rubber tips on the wire bristle.

Slicker brush
This brush is used to remove tangles. It is an excellent wire brush and removes burns, mats, and tangles very quickly. A wooden handle comb can also be used for this purpose.

Rubber curry comb
They are similar to combs used to groom horses; these are great for short-haired breeds like Dobermans and Beagles.

Why a professional groomer?
Although many dog owners prefer to groom their dogs alone, having your dog professionally groomed will save you time and energy. Now you don’t have to take your dog to the grooming salon.

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