dog eye cleaning 

Dog ear and eye cleaning
The eyes and ears are an essential part of a dog’s body and are often overlooked in all aspects of health. By taking care of your dog’s eyes and ears, you can prevent many infections.

Here is the guide on how you can clean your dog’s eyes and ears and why it is important.

Importance of Eye cleaning 
If you have a dog, watch him for two minutes, you will understand the importance of sight in his life. As a pet owner, we must take good care of their eyes so that they stay sharp and healthy as long as possible.
Fortunately, healthy eyes require much less grooming, but it’s essential to keep a close eye on it for any changes.

So you can spot any small problem before it develops into a big problem.
In long-haired dog breeds, their hair is tied back or trimmed, so they don’t irritate their eyes. 

Check your dog’s eyes for grass seeds. They can also cause irritation and eye infections.
Otherwise, healthy eyes only need a damp cloth to wipe mud, mucus, or dust from or around the eyes


Dog ear cleaning 

How to Clean Dog’s Eyes?

Dogs’ eyes should be cleaned regularly because they are susceptible to many eye conditions, such as allergies, infections, and styes.
Use a damp cloth or sponge and moisten it with room temperature water and gently wipe it around the eye area to remove dirt. Never clean the eye itself. Clean the area around the eye slowly so as not to scare your dog.
Wet cotton balls are also used to clean the areas around the eyeball. Do not use soap or shampoo to clean the eye, as it will irritate.
Do not over-saturate the cloth or sponge. Your dog will feel uncomfortable with it. Don’t use paper towels and napkins because these products can quickly disintegrate and leave the pieces in your dog coat.

Clean the Tear Stains
Brown tear stains develop under the eyes of light-colored dogs; these stains develop by releasing excess fluid that moistens the coat around the eyes and allows various yeasts to flourish.
To avoid these tear stains, keep your dog clean and keep his hair out of his eyes. Some commercial stain removers are used with the help of a damp cloth to clean these stains.

Clean Eye discharge
A dog with healthy eyes has clear mucus around the eyes. These secretions are normal and are cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears
Dog’s ears are designed in such a way that moisture and debris can sometimes accumulate and cause some problems. The ear canal is the perfect place for bacteria growth and ear infection.
Try to clean your dog’s ear to avoid unnecessary infections, and this is not difficult. You only need a few drops to clean the ears, and a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.
After you buy the ear drops, settle in with your dog and check his ear canal for discharge, dirt, or cuts. If there are no signs of injury or infection, put a few drops in the canal and wait a moment. Clean the outer ear with a cotton ball. If your dog shakes his head, don’t worry, it’s normal.

Get rid of Excess Hair
Some furry breeds of dogs tend to accumulate some hair in the ear canal. These hairs must be removed regularly. You can use ear powder to harden and then pull the hair. Do this process once a week.

Advantages of dog ear cleaning
• Dog hearing will be improved.
• It will decrease ear infections and trapped water in the ear canal.
• Mites and ticks are flushed out from the ear canal.
• It will decrease itchiness and discomfort.
As you know, the eyes and ears are delicate parts. They may need to be cleaned by professional groomers. We will provide you with this opportunity in your home. Just make a reservation per call and wait for our expert to be ther


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