Dog hairstyle 

Dog haircut and styling

If your dog has a long coat, then he needs an occasional trimming to keep his hair out of his eyes or ears. 

For this purpose, you may require a regular visit to the salon to keep your coat in top shape.

Basics of hair cuts 

In long-haired dogs like retrievers, the coat reaches a certain length and then stops growing. 

For this type of hair, a partial cut that tames wild hairs, slightly improves the characteristics or helps to decrease the drying time after a bath or a rain shower is done.

For breeds like Shih Tzu, where hair grows regularly, they need regular cuts to keep length in check.


Dog hairstyle Breed special cuts

Some haircuts are specific to dogs. For example, Golden retrievers only need slight trimming to attenuate the appearance around the ears, tail, and ruff.

Adult poodles in regular classes are expected to hit the ring with all the familiar English Saddle or Continental clip puffballs.

Breed-specific haircuts require a variety of scissors, scissors, combs, and brushes.

Small hair cuts 

In breeds such as poodles and cockapoos, puppy cuts keep mats and tangles under control during active months. Hairstyle and length vary by breed and individual dog.

What best for your dog?

You must choose which haircut is best for your dog. Some dogs may not benefit from a new hairstyle every few weeks or any haircut.

Breed like the German Shepherd with a double coat does not like the haircut because the double layer protects their skin and must remain intact.

On the other hand, Poodle and Shih Tzu enjoy changing the hairstyle frequently. If you are not sure which haircut suits your beloved dog, you can take the services of our professional hair clippers and groomers.

Our team consists of reputable groomers best known for their sense of style in dog haircuts and very knowledgeable about the health of dogs’ coats.

We value our customers, and we always provide the best service on the market.


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