Dog nail trimming 

Nail trimming is an essential part of dog grooming. Long nails can cause a great deal of agony and distress for your dog.

Nail trimming is necessary because when a dog moves with a hanging nail or a long fingernail, it will cause considerable pressure on the toes that will result in an extremely painful and soft nail bed. If the inflammation remains for the long term, it will result in paw arthritis.

If your dog spends some time outside on the cemented floor or pavement, the natural friction of nails with floor results in the natural maintenance of nails and they remain healthy.  

In this article, we will discuss how to trim your dog’s nail OR how you can perform this procedure and the importance of keeping your dog’s nail trimmed.


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Why do nail trimming?

Large nails that are not accurately trimmed result in nail curling. If the nail rips the paw pad, it will be painful, and the infection will develop quickly.

The Declaw is more prone to overgrowth because it does not wear down while walking. Another critical reason to cut nails is that long nails are more likely to break and chip if caught in something.

These simple reasons cannot go unnoticed, and a regular nail cut results in better paw health.

Equipment needed

If you’re going to start trimming your dog nails, gather all the necessary tools. The essential tools required for dog nail trimming are nail clippers and scissor-style nail trimmer. Here are some tips on using nail cutting tools.

  • Scissor-style nail clippers are easy to use, but they’re not practical for some particular dog breeds. For small dog breeds, special nail clippers are used and are best for length control.
  • Special nail clippers are used for large dogs, which are made for large breeds.
  • Always keep your trimmer sharp because blunt scissors or nail clippers can cause pain by putting pressure on them.
  • If you are using an electric nail grinder, charge it well before use.


The procedure of Dog Nail Trimming

Now you get the basic knowledge of tools, let’s see how to cut dog nails!

Before starting the procedure, let your dog investigate the tools. Some dogs don’t let their feet or body touched. Therefore, your dog needs to get used to moving and grabbing his feet.

You can train your puppy from infancy to ensure that he will feel less pain afterward. The next step is to handle the leg with a firm grip and make sure you can see the nail you are cutting.

 It is also vital to hold the dog if he is trying to shake or jiggle. It will be easy for you if there is someone else available who can hold the dog.

Dog nails are different from human nails, so try not to cut the complete nail. It is essential to reduce the area of the white nail. Cut the nail from below at an angle of 45degree.

If you cut beyond the white area, you are reducing the pink area of the nail. This pink area is very sensitive because the blood vessels are present and will cause extreme pain.

Try to make a clean cut by gently squeezing the handle of the nail clipper. You can distract your dog during nail trimming by giving him treats. A little distraction can make the process safe and comfortable.

Advantages of nail trimming 

Benefits of nail trimming are:

  • The dog will not feel pain when walking.
  • A good cut can result in excellent body posture.
  • If your dog has clipped nails, it will cause fewer scratches on your furniture.

If you can’t cut your dog’s nail, you can get the help of professional groomers. They are experts and will do the best job. Mobile Grooming Vegas is a company you can trust for your dog’s needs.


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