dog teeth cleaning with brush Dog teeth cleaning 

You’ve heard from your dentist that brushing your teeth daily after every meal, flossing, and cleaning your teeth twice a year is essential to dental health.

The same is the case with the dog. Dog teeth cleaning is important to keep the mouth clean and healthy. 

We at Mobile Grooming Vegas would like to give you few tips how to properly clean the teeth of your lovely dog.

Choose the Best Time

Choosing the right time is important. Brush your dog’s teeth when he’s calm and relaxed. Establishing a routine is also essential. You can brush your teeth dog daily. If your dog’s mouth is healthy, you can brush him three days a week.

Put your Dog in Right Position

Put your dog in a place where he feels comfortable. Never stand above your dog and don’t adopt a terrifying posture. Try to sit in front of or next to your dog and release his anxiety by petting him.


Take these steps slowly with positive reinforcement if your dog is upset, stop, and try again later. You can master these techniques through continued practice. You can give your dog treats and rewards if he follows your directions.


clean teethes of a smiling dog 

Get your Dog Ready

Gear up your dog by touching his mouth, rubbing your finger on his gums and teeth. Your dog will feel comfortable after a few sessions

Test the Toothpaste

Take a little toothpaste at your fingertips and let your dog lick, so your dog can get used to it. You can also change the flavor for your dog to see as a gift.

If your dog loves the taste, you can start with the toothbrush, but if your pet allows brushing but hates toothpaste, you can do the procedure without toothpaste. The mechanical procedure is still useful.

Try the Toothbrush

While using the toothbrush, lift the upper lip and tilt the bristle so that they reach the gum line. Use the brush at a 45-degree angle against your dog teeth to help clean the plaque.

Don’t force your dog to accept the toothbrush. Take these steps slowly to make your dog comfortable and enjoy that activity every day.

Circularly brush their teeth with the top and bottom on each side. As you move the bristle along the gum line, slight bleeding will occur. A little bleeding is fine, but if heavy bleeding occurs, it means you are brushing aggressively, or there is gum disease.

Remove the Plaque

Brush your dog’s teeth for two minutes every day and brush a few teeth at a time. Focus on the teeth where plaque tends to build up. If you can clean that area well and good, otherwise leave it for your dog’s rough tongue to clean.

End by giving a reward 

After you finish brushing, reward your dog with his favorite treatment, and remember that dental care doesn’t end here, contact to your vet for regular professional dental cleanings.

Importance of Professional Dental Cleanings

When you brush your dog at home, it’s good for preventive care, but it won’t treat rotten or diseased teeth. To do this, you need professional dental cleaning help. The best option will be Mobile Grooming Vegas. 

Our mobile grooming vans are equipped with everything we need to do our job efficiently and safely. Our team of professionals will carefully listen to your requirements, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during the grooming.

The frequency of professional dental cleaning depends on the health of your dog. Some smaller breeds will need annual professional dental cleanings to maintain optimal dental health.


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