summer cut for dogs

Summer Cut for Dogs

Keeping a pet comes with its own set of obligations. While there are many kinds of pets that can be kept at home, dogs are the most popular the world over. While other pets like cats, birds and even fish require almost no grooming, a dog has to be groomed on a regular basis. Grooming can be done either professionally or at home. In case you have Pomeranian dog then you much read Pomeranian Cut for Dog.

Grooming Essentials

Before commencing grooming of your dog at home, ensure that your dog is at ease and not agitated due to any reason. If you do sense some level of discomfort in your dog, try to make him comfortable by offering a treat or by taking him for a walk. Begin the grooming session only when the dog is willing to participate.

There are many things that have to be looked into at the time of grooming:

Bathing. Veterinarians generally suggest dogs to be bathed once every 3 months.

Brushing. Regular brushing helps to remove tangles and prevent matting.

Teeth. Clean the teeth using toothpaste, baking soda or even plain water.

Eyes. Carefully check the eyes for any signs of tearing, bulging or reddishness in the white region.

Ears. Clean your dog’s ears with the help of cotton wool, making sure that the ear canal is not compromised in any way.

While a haircut is not necessary in every grooming session, it nonetheless forms an important part of grooming.

Summer Haircuts

If you are a pet parent, you can get your dog’s hair cut either professionally or at home. While professional cutting does have an edge over clipping done at home, it all depends on the comfort level of the dog and the preference of the pet parent concerned. Many a times, a dog might be of a nervous disposition and unwilling to step into unfamiliar confines for clipping hair. Cutting hair at home is the better recourse in such a situation.

Dogs have an in-built tendency to have thicker coats in winters. Once summer arrives, the same coat is shed naturally to make it more comfortable for the dog. There are many pet parents that do not cut the hair of their dogs, instead letting the naturally occurring phenomenon of shedding to contain hair as per the environment.

However, there are other pet parents who believe in taking matters into their own hands by getting their dogs’ hair cut short in the summer season. One of the most popular haircuts preferred in the summer season is a full body haircut where the entire coat is clipped to a uniform length. While the length of hair to be retained depends upon the pet parent, veterinarians suggest not clipping the hair too close to the body. A length of at least half an inch is to be retained so that the skin of the dog is not unduly exposed to the elements.

Another kind of haircut quite popular in the summer season involves styling the hair as per the preference of the pet parent. In such a haircut, hair is cut short in certain places and left longer in other places. Instances of such haircuts are the Lion Cut and Teddy Bear Cut commonly seen in Pomeranians. While in the Lion Cut, hair at the neck and head is left long, resembling a lion’s mane, and trimmed elsewhere; in the Teddy Bear Cut, hair is uniformly cut short all over the body and left longer on the head.

In the end, it is the prerogative of the pet parent as to whether to keep the hair short or to leave it long. While some clip their dog’s hair short due to practical reasons, there are many others who leave the hair longer for aesthetic reasons.