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Walking Dog Parks in Las Vegas

All pets must be granted some freedom from the routine life at home. This leads to physical and mental stimulation while keeping them healthy. Walking is an excellent way to maintain the health of your pets. In the case of dogs, it is also a training opportunity for you. Certain commands can be taught to your pets during their walking sessions. It will keep your dog away from boredom and help you bond with him better.

Walking Dog Parks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a pet-friendly city with a plethora of dog parks and activities on offer. With such a variety of parks, you can choose either a crowded place or a quiet one for your pet. You can build your dog’s confidence in dealing with strangers at an early age by walking him around the busiest places. This also provides him an opportunity to socialize with other dogs walking in the same park.

Summerlin Center Community Park

Living in Downtown Summerlin, the best place for dog walking is Summerlin Center Community Park with its open grassy fields and the view of the breathtaking Spring Mountains to the west. Its walking trails are uncrowded allowing you to spend a peaceful time with your four-legged companion. With children’s play area and wide fields to enjoy the game of frisbee, it is a perfect spot for your family as a whole.

Sunset Park

Located near McCarran International Airport, Sunset Park is among the largest parks of Las Vegas. It is bordered by Warm Springs Road on the south, Eastern Avenue on the west, and Sunset Road on the north. The lush greens offered by the park makes it a perfect place for a dog walking or playing session. It is also an excellent picnic spot for your family as you can play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and much more. It contains several walking trails and a dog park inside it that are the most pet-friendly areas.

Dos Escuelas Park

If you happen to live in Henderson, you must take your dog for a walk to Dos Escuelas Park on Golden View Street. With a variety of on-leash and off-leash play areas, Dos Escuelas is a great place for your dog to enjoy and socialize. With barbecues, lighted ball fields, covered picnic shelters, lighted basketball courts, picnic tables, restrooms, playground, and dog park, it is a perfect picnic spot for your whole family. You will find a lot of greens, running paths, and fenced areas for your pets. If your dog is too small, keep an eye on him as all the breeds play in the same off-leash fenced zone.

Importance of mobile grooming service for your dog after a walk

The way walking is important for maintaining the health of your dog, grooming plays a major role in preventing him from any illness. Environmental factors and vehicle pollution are harmful to your dog. So, it is essential to clear this dust, pollen, and debris away from the body of your little buddy.

Visiting a salon after a long dog walking session is more of a hassle. It is convenient to book the services of a mobile dog groomer for a wonderful at-home spa session for your dog. The individual attention given to your pet by mobile dog groomers is incomparable. This way, you can order a full-fledged spa with all the facilities of a salon to your doorstep.


Your dog picks up dust during a walk in the park. This interferes with the hygiene of your pet. Since maintaining the cleanliness of your little companion is your duty, you must call a mobile dog groomer for a quick groom.

Health issues

Your dog not only picks up dust, but also pollution, allergens, and pollen from his surroundings. These harmful elements set deep into your dog’s coat which might cause him discomfort. Over time, it can also lead to a variety of diseases. Mobile dog groomers ensure to remove these harmful elements from your pet’s body to prevent him from developing any serious health issues.

Mobile Dog Groomer Las Vegas

Whether you live in Summerlin, Downtown, Henderson, The Lakes, Pioneer Park, Tule Springs, Lone Mountain or anywhere else in Las Vegas, we are always at your service. We are experts in dealing with different breeds of dogs having varying behavioral patterns. So, you trust us for handling your dog well and providing him the ultimate grooming experience. For all your mobile dog groomer needs in Las Vegas, we are just a call away.

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